Technology is Aware, or will be?

Wrote this essay for an Indian tech blog nearly 10 years ago. While the parts of the original essay have faded into our existing tech, awareness of the machines—or as some would call it the robotic moment–or the moment of singularity appears to be far away.

Or let’s just say that this event–of the singularity–is probably a continuum spread far into our future as the machines grow into us and we grow back into the machines.

I suspect that awareness may have happened already (between the years 2017-2020) but we wouldn’t know for sure exactly when because the moment was so terribly uneventful.

Anyway, here’s the original write-up from 2009:

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Organize Screenshots on Mac

If you don’t wanna clutter your desktop (mac only) with random screenshots here’s what you gotta do:

$ defaults write location ~/Desktop/screenshots

$ killall SystemUIServer

Now every time you press CMD + SHIFT + 3 your mac will save the screenshot inside screenshots/  folder on your desktop.

Cool.  With yuuge thanks to @sarah_edo for this tip.

Corkscrew functions


Picture a bottle of wine with a corkscrew opener action on it.

Like this one:


Now picture this piece of JavaScript:

!+-~(()=>{     })()

Do you see what I see?

Raise your hands iife you do — hi-five!


Moving over to Gitlab

A Memorial Day update! 🙂

I’ve decided to move all my projects, both private and public repos, over to Gitlab. If you haven’t heard of them then Gitlab is a cool new repo hosting service that you can set up on-premise. It is like Github & Gitorious smushed together, and FOSS. FOSS as in FREE.

So far I’m liking their interface and the Tanuki logo is drop-dead cool. I also ordered a few Tanuki stickers and a tee for myself. Yeah, I’m stoked.



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David Gilmour – Madison Square Garden

Those who know me well also know that I absolutely love Pink Floyd.

Everyone at our home loves to listen to the Floyd. And by grace of good luck we recently had an opportunity to experience Roger Waters live at the DAR Constitutional Hall last year. Along with a beautiful and brave band called MusiCorps.

Yet, this year is a step up.

David Gilmour, the lead guitarist & vocalist of Pink Floyd, is coming to New York for a full blown concert titled Rattle that Lock.

At the venue of venues: The Madison Square Garden.

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How to upgrade Rails 4.2.x to Rails 5

Good news!

Rails 5.0.0.beta4 was released only a few days ago and they’re now down to just 4 open issues before we have a stable release candidate(RC1). Meaning, Rails 5 is around the corner, yay!

For most of the past two years we’ve been working on a few Rails 4.2.x apps on production, with unicorn*, but now it is just about time to consider an upgrade.

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