How to write a superbook

Well, hello there. In this article we’re going to see how to write a Superbook.

If you don’t know what a Superbook is then see this demo first. Like it? Great! Let’s get straight to writing and publishing one then. This tutorial will assume that you have never written any HTML or CSS in your life before or have very little idea about what it is.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk through each step and get you going on an awesome new book project quickly. Good news is, it’s very simple.

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Schecter hellraiser

Finally after many delays I now  have an axe to shred with.

This one is beautiful hellraiser with glowin-dark side dots. The fretboard feels silk as compared to the Ibanez GRX 270 that I owned earlier. Here’s its selfie!


Thank you Veronica, for the gift and all the happiness… 🙂

How to set up SSL with SPDY and Nginx

UPDATE: It’s about time to update this article or write a new one with the fact that there is letsencrypt now & that the SPDY protocol has been deprecated in favor of http 2.0.

Also see if you haven’t already.

Recently, I spent sometime setting up the Transport Layer Security (SSL) for the sites and each. It was simple to do and went pretty much smoothly except for a few warts here and there that I found SSL industry is generally plagued with. But more on that later.

Starting today, both Bubblin and Marvindanig sites are going to be served only on secured http a.k.a https. For the record all our traffic is now forced over TLS, and we have ensured forward secrecy as well.

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