marvin danig

Hello, I’m Marvin Danig—an engineer and an American in-the-making.

After few short stints in different places of India, my wife and I settled in the Washington DC area (Northern Virginia), where I now work as the CXO-founder of Bubblin Superbooks and the Red Goose.

In my spare time, I could be found hacking on Bookiza Abelone.

This blog represents my personal thoughts, and not that of my employer(s) or the companies that I am involved with.

Hopefully, that’s clear from the casual tone of this blog.

Thoughtful comments are welcome. Be human.


Originally from India, I finished my undergraduate degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in the year 2002. At the time I used to be a lead guitarist in my hall band.

I have since moved away from music scene, but I do love to listen to great music as you can see from the posts on this blog. I am a soldier of science and technology, and filter everything that I work on through the lens of science and math alone.

These days I’m dabbling with progressive web apps.

The post-pc era or the “tablet web” as some might put it. I am curious about the increasingly blurring lines between what separates an “app” from a “website.” I think there is no difference between the two despite the marketing-speak that’s otherwise.

In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and be a part of both small and very very large projects. My projects have varied between a petrochemical complex to a multi-leg, multi-modal travel search engine. I was part of the team that carried out the feasibility study on the trans-national Indo-Iran gas pipeline and oversaw implementation of a virtual gas virtual pipeline system similar to the one in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I am currently working a new format for digital books called the Superbook format.

When not working, I’m usually spending time with my lovely wife and one of the two dogs Ellie and Baxter. I do this only to make the other pupper jealous.


Read my books on:


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