marvin danig

Hello, I’m Marvin Danig – an engineer and an American millennial expatriate. After few short stints in different places of India, my wife and I settled in the Washington DC area (NOVA), where I now work as the CXO of Bubblin Superbooks.

In my spare time, I would be found hacking on Bookiza Abelone.

This blog represents my personal thoughts, and not that of my employer or companies. Hopefully, that’s clear from the casual (and occasionally irreverent!) tone.

Thoughtful comments on this blog are welcome. Be human.


Originally from India, I finished my undergraduate degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 2002. At the time I used to be a lead guitarist in my hall band. Moved on from music scene since, but I do love great music as you can see that from this blog.

I love the way science and math push us forward.

These days I’m dabbling with progressive web apps, “tablet web”, and the increasingly blurred lines between what separates an “app” from a “web site.” In past, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and be a part of both small and very large projects. Projects have varied between a petrochemical complex to an offshore gas processing unit. Transnational gas grid system to a virtual pipeline system. Multi-mode multi-leg travel-planner and search engine to tablet based book reader system on web.

When not working, I’m usually spending time with two of my dogs.


All my books are available on Bubblin.

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