marvin danig

Hello, I’m Marvin Danig – software engineer, former rubyist, and an American millennial expatriate. After few short stints in San Francisco, New Delhi and other parts of India my wife and I settled in Washington DC area (NoVA), where I now work as the CTO of Bubblin Superbooks.

In my spare time, I might be found hacking on Bookiza Abelone or FlippyJS.

This blog represents my own thoughts, and not that of my employer. Hopefully that’s clear from the casual (and sometimes irreverent!) tone.

I blog occasionally when it’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut.


Originally from India, I studied Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (ala, Sundar Pichai) at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.  I have a keen interest in blockchain applications, centralization, web, machine intelligence for humans, and how else we could use open and pervasive technology to bridge the gaps in our society.

These days, though, I’m mostly all about progressive web apps, mobile, the web, and the increasingly blurred lines between what separates an “app” from a “web site.” In the past, I’ve published native apps, helped design and build a petrochemical complex and worked on a national gas grid system using everything in between.


All my books are available on my Bubblin bookshelf.

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