David Gilmour – Madison Square Garden

Those who know me well also know that I absolutely love Pink Floyd.

Everyone at our home loves to listen to the Floyd. And by grace of good luck we recently had an opportunity to experience Roger Waters live at the DAR Constitutional Hall last year. Along with a beautiful and brave band called MusiCorps.

Yet, this year is a step up.

David Gilmour, the lead guitarist & vocalist of Pink Floyd, is coming to New York for a full blown concert titled Rattle that Lock.

At the venue of venues: The Madison Square Garden.

Veronica and I are totally excited about the show. We’re booked for the second night because it was impossible to get tickets on the first day.

Oooh the liquid bends and expressive guitar leads! Goosebumps.


And what to say about their legendary sound and laser effects. The tour kicked off (only three days ago) from Inglewood, California — and is inching towards New York.

So who else is in town? Tweet away to @marvindanig.

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