Roger Waters

Tonight we’re are attending the Roger Waters live at the DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC.

I am so, sooo excited!

Here’s Roger Waters performing The Wall a few years ago.



If you don’t know who Waters is, or what his music is about, you might as well leave this blog right now. To the enlightened ones I just want to say: this is a very personal moment for me. To watch the creator of The Wall after a being in love with their music for 15 years!

Anyone else coming to this side of town?

Tweet away @marvindanig.

Update 10/27/2015:
The show was awesome! Here’s a moment of Roger in action that my wife pulled off with her iPhone.

Looks pretty cool to me.


Even as I post an update on the Roger Waters​ show here today, we’re booking for a night with David Gilmour​ at the Madison Square Garden, New York​ next year.

And that is way cool.

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